Picture frames should be beautiful, stylish and proportional. Whether simple or ornate, our frames are handmade to an excellent standard.

Picture frames should not only be well-designed, but must also protect the work, ensuring your artwork is protected from the elements for years to come. There are limitless options available, from inexpensive simple framing solutions to exhibition-ready museum-standard framing. We recommend you visit our workshop, where we can discuss your project and establish what framing solution is best for your work. We offer two levels of consultation:


Come in with your picture and we’ll show you the range of mouldings, mounts, glass and hanging systems available. We’ll talk through the level of protection needed and what sort of look will best suit the work and your home or exhibition space. We’re happy to work to particular budgets and can talk through the different levels of framing available.

Full consultation:

Book an appointment in advance and we can sit down with you over a cup of tea and obtain an in-depth view of your needs. A bespoke consultation can last over an hour, or be as short as twenty minutes, depending on how involved you want to be. This option is particularly useful for those with multiple works to be framed, such as an artist or curator organising an exhibition or a collector who needs to ensure their acquisition is conserved to the highest standards. This option is useful if you need a more complex solution, such as light-box frames, plinths or vatrines, or if you have an object or textiles.

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